Holidays Are Coming: 10 Great Stocking Fillers

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Stocking fillers are classed as the smaller presents we get in our stockings on Christmas morning; usually the presents we open first as we’re still half asleep in bed. Almost everybody receives a few stocking fillers and then a big gift or two. However, what sort of stocking filler are you supposed to buy? There’s something on this list for everyone:

Instagram Personalized Coasters
If you know that the person you’re buying for has Instagram, why not treat them to some personalised drinks coasters? These can look really cool depending on what pictures you choose. You could go for a really arty shot that they took of a sunset, or even a good old selfie.

A Fancy Notebook
Everybody needs a notebook, but not those cheap ones that fall apart after a couple of week’s use. Fancy notebooks cost a little more, but they last so much longer and look loads better. You can even buy funny notebooks that say things on the cover like ‘plans to take over the world!’.

A Scarf and Gloves Set
December is usually a freezing cold month, as are a good few months after it. A scarf and gloves set could be a great gift to make sure somebody you love stays wrapped up warm.

iPad Case
iPads don’t come cheap, so you want to make sure that the receiver keeps theirs in tip top condition. Shinola iPad cases are sturdy and should protect the iPad from any bumps. This is a great gift if the receivers main gift from you is an iPad, but opening this gift first might give the game away!

Fancy Flavored Lip Balm
Lip balms is a perfect winter treat, as the cold weather can make lips sore, dry, and chapped. Instead of buying regular old strawberry flavour, you can find flavors such as Bucks Fizz and even Earl Grey!

A Daily Mood Calendar
The daily mood calendar is a fun little addition to any work desk. It lets everybody around you know exactly how you’re feeling, so they’ll know whether to approach you or give you a wide berth.

Who doesn’t love bacon? Who doesn’t love mayonnaise? Enter baconnaise! This is the world’s most delicious bacon flavoured spread. Perfect for bacon lovers everywhere!


Self Stirring Mug
You must admit that making a nice brew can be a little tedious at times. Not anymore! With the self stirring mug, you can leave your spoon in the draw and make a nice cuppa like magic.  I actually got this for my husband last year because I was tired of seeing him drink his coffee with the spoon still in it.  A big pet peeve of mine!

A Microwaveable Hottie
Winter is a great time to snuggle up with something warm, but hot water bottles can be a little old fashioned. Microwaveable hotties are shaped like cute little animals, and all you do is pop them in the microwave to heat them up ready to jump into bed. They usually smell like lavender too, which can help you to drop off to sleep quicker!

A Henry Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
Henry is one of the most trusted hoovers, and now they even do desktop versions of him. Perfect for somebody who works at a desk a lot and likes to make a mess with their lunch and other things!


Happy shopping!

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Smart Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bills Overnight

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3883498363_70e357a0b8_zImage source link
The electricity suppliers had enjoyed a bonanza for several years. Eventually, popular opinion brought a halt to the unfair price rises that took many people to the breadline. They make huge profits for their shareholders while we struggle to pay for what is a necessity rather than a luxury. There is little we can do without electricity in our homes these days. We even need it to run our gas central heating, so you can’t keep warm without it.

It is important to keep our consumption low and our money in our pockets, rather than those of the executives who will take it all if we allow them to. We must bring the bills down to a manageable level. That might mean going without for some people, but we will try to find ways of cutting costs without hardship. Here are some smart ways to lower your electricity bill overnight.


If you have many fancy light fittings in your home that use incandescent or halogen bulbs, you are wasting money. The best way to tell if a bulb is efficient is to pour your hand close to it when it is on. Don’t touch it or you may burn your fingers. If  you can feel a lot of heat radiating from the bulb, it is losing energy. Efficient lighting should not run hot. Is there such a product? Yes, modern LED lights are the last word in illumination technology. They have many advantages over the others; the most important being that they only consume a fraction of the electricity. They last many times longer too, so pay for themselves many times over during their lifespan. We should all look at small ways to be greener because the planet is under a lot of stress and will bite back if we don’t do something about it.

Switch Supplier

Did you know that you can probably get a better deal with the  cost of electricity in Ohio? Deregulation allows us to find cheaper prices nowadays. It wasn’t all that long ago when there was only a single supplier who had a monopoly and could charge us anything they wanted. Competition is good, as long as they don’t all put their prices up at the same time. If you have never switched supplier, you can probably save a lot of cash by doing so.

Change Your Habits

Do you leave lights on in rooms that are not in use? Maybe you leave the immersion heater on all day and night too. Learn to switch things off; the difference it makes will astound you. Put the immersion heater on a timer if you must, so there is hot water waiting for you every morning. When you go out, turn the lights and televisions off to. Don’t worry about the little LED lights on the equipment. Despite what you may have heard, they make no difference to your bill; such is the tiny amount of power they consume.

There you go guys, it isn’t difficult. Most people can make a difference to their bills with a little effort. It just takes the will to change. If we don’t, we might as well flush money down the toilet.

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How You Can Save Money on Birthday Presents

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Year on year, we all seem to spend a small fortune on gifts. This year, you may want to cut your costs, without cutting your losses. For those that are savvy with their cash, you will undoubtedly want to know how you can save money on this gift giving occasions. After all, it is the thought that counts not the amount that you spend.

There are some amazing ways that you can cut your gift bill, without losing friends in the process. Let’s take a look at some frugal tips for saving money on your gifting ventures this year.


Email Offers and Voucher Codes

Groupon, Voucher Codes and KGB Deals are all companies that send email offers direct to your inbox. If you want to give a gift on the cheap, you can do by utilizing these companies and their crazy offers. Of course, some of the gifts may not be ideal for the recipient. But, vouchers can be sought for meals for two and cheap days out. Your friends and loved ones will love the personal touch of the present. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give someone an unusual, personal gift.

The Power of Google: Search for Offers Online

Google is a powerful tool. You can use it to find many different things, not just images of cats doing hilarious things. An effective search would be something like fresh flowers offer to find local deals on offers and sales. You can gift someone with a gorgeous bouquet of blooms, but you won’t have to spend a fortune in the process. You can do this for a wide array of gift ideas. Simply utilise search engines and make sure that you use keywords to retrieve great results.

Back to Basics

Who doesn’t love to review a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine? Saving money on gifts doesn’t mean that you have to forgo giving present’s altogether. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune in the process. Going back to basics, with gifts such as chocolate, means that your nearest and dearest are still getting a lovely gift. However, you are not breaking the bank in the process. You don’t have to lavish people with expensive gifts to let them know that you care.

Homemade Gifts: Using Your Talents

Do you have a talent for knitting? Are you something of a master baker? If so, you can put your talents to good use and make a gift for your loved ones next significant event. You can make food hampers using your skills as a chef. You can include cakes, pastries and jams.  You can make scarves, gloves and knitwear ready for the impending winter months. Homemade gifts are the perfect gift to give. It tends to mean a lot more to the recipient as you have put in the extra effort with their present.  Whatever you decide to do, ensure that the presents are entirely made by you. You can even label them with your special touches to make them even more personalized.

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7 Ways You Can Cut the Cost of Moving Home

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Anyone that has ever moved home will agree that the costs can soon add up. In fact, it nearly always costs way more than you think it’s going to cost. However, there are a few clever things you can do to ensure you cut the costs of moving home significantly. Want to know how to do it? Read on for 7 ways you can cut the cost of moving home:


Image Author: Flickr

1.Watch Out for Good Offers from Lenders

Before you select a lender, make sure you do your research first. For example some banks will tell you that they’ll pay off a portion of your stamp duty. This could be anything from 1-3% on properties, depending on how much they cost. Many other lenders will help you with the actual cost of moving. Make sure you know what’s available to you and take advantage of it.

2. Select the Right Survey

When your offer has been accepted, you must get a survey. This is a compulsory thing. However, there are 3 kinds of survey, so you need to make sure that you select the right one. There’s the mortgage valuation survey, which is carried out for the lender to make sure that the property is worth the price you’ll pay for it. There are then the more thorough homebuyer surveys and structural surveys. These may pick up issues like damp, but will cost you more than £500. Make sure you pick the survey that applies to you.

3. Cut The Cost of Your Estate Agent Fees

Estate agent fees are one of the biggest costs when it comes to moving home – around 38% of your total expenses. Usually, you might pay the estate agents £3000 for helping you, but it could be a lot more if you’ve sold an expensive property. Online estate agents can sometimes be cheaper, as they don’t have as many overheads to pay. All they usually have is a website, so they can afford to charge you much less. You can even tailor the service to your exact needs in some cases, which means you’ll save even more money.

4. Avoid Fees on Your Mortgage

In the past decade, mortgage agreement fees have tripled. In the last year alone, prices have soared over 69%. You do have the option to add fees on to your loan instead of paying them straight away, but you must remember that you’ll be paying interest on them. This will work out to much more than you probably think all together. You could even take a look at fee-free mortgage options, where there isn’t an arrangement fee at all. Even if you must pay a bit more on your interest rate, a fee-free deal can suit people who have a smaller mortgage. This will totally depend on your individual circumstances, so make sure you do what’s best for you.

You should also try to get the best mortgage deal available to you. If you have equity in your home, then you probably have a good choice of deals. A fixed rate should give you peace of mind that your repayment isn’t going to shoot up over time, even if the interest rates begin to rise.

5. Cut Your Moving Costs

Using professional movers like, for example, is a great help. However, of course it takes a chunk out of your moving budget. Make sure you get the best deal by looking around before settling. You can also see if the service includes packing, which could be a big help, and insurance in case anything gets broken. Get rid of things you don’t want to take with you by selling them or recycling them. You could make enough money to pay for the service if you get rid of enough!

You could possibly cut costs even further by packing your goods and transporting them yourself, but this will depend on how much stuff you have. Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t automatically go with the cheapest removals firm. Asking friends for a recommendation is usually your best bet!

6. Carefully Choose Your Solicitor

Unfortunately, there are some bad conveyancer practices out there. This is why it’s important you choose your solicitor carefully when you move home. Bear in mind that if you go for a solicitor offering services at rock bottom prices, your money will be unlikely to stretch too far. When it comes to recommendations from family and friends to help you select your solicitor, it can be tricky. People don’t usually realize that they’ve been swindled until it’s time to sell the property. Ask yourself these questions when choosing your solicitor:

  • Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about?

  • Do they listen to you properly?

  • Do they make you feel confident about the whole situation?

  • Do they do what they tell you they’re going to do in good time?

If you can answer yes, then you’ve probably found a good solicitor to help you. If you select a solicitors who charge a competitive yet reasonable fee, and make sure your move is handled smoothly, you’ll be much happier. Not only will you cut the cost of moving home, but any future issues will be avoided!

7. Register for Your Bills On Time

Before you move in, make sure you’re registered for your council tax, gas, electricity and other bills. Do this as soon as possible and do it by direct debit to make sure you don’t miss a payment. If you don’t do this and fail to keep on top of the amount you’re using, you could get stung with a high bill a few months after you move in.

There you have them; 7 great ways you can cut the costs of moving home. Moving home can cost thousands upon thousands, especially when you take into account all of the fees added on to the deposit. It seems as if there’s an extra fee invented for just about everything!

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#ad Saving Money With Coupons

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Discount coupons are popular in the United States, especially during tough economic times, and they are great money savers. Many people clip coupons, collect them and even categorize them in neat little coupon organizers. However, few shoppers know how to use them effectively.

Most people are familiar with grocery coupons, but many businesses also distribute discount coupons for casual dining, haircuts, tire changes and other services. People who want to save money at their favorite stores should collect only the coupons they intend to use at those stores. Most coupons have an expiration date, so shoppers have a limited time frame in which to use them.

The expiration date is important, since only valid coupons can save shoppers money. When they see coupons in circulars, newspapers and magazines, they should check the expiration date for the ones they are considering. If they do not plan to purchase an item, clipping its coupon is just a waste of time.

To get the most from couponing, shoppers should consider all related flyers, newspapers and discount booklets. Some stores distribute coupons at the check-out counter, while others advertise weekly discounts on certain items. Non-branded or store brand items are usually less expensive than name brands, even with coupons, and they can help shoppers save money at the check-out counter.

Most stores accept only one coupon per item, although some will accept a store coupon and a brand coupon for the same item. Some stores may even double or triple a coupon’s value at the register. It usually pays to use several coupons for different items for the greatest grocery bill reduction.

The Internet makes it easy for shoppers to find discount coupons for grocery items and household supplies. At and other “deal of the week” websites, shoppers get coupon codes or printable coupons to use at grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses. When used consistently, discount codes and coupons can save hundreds of dollars a year on groceries.

Supermarkets, fast food restaurants, beauty salons, auto service companies and other businesses are constantly distributing coupons to their current and potential customers. People can always find coupons, and savvy shoppers take advantage of this benefit.

In order to use coupons effectively, shoppers should be prepared at the store. It is not easy to save money on groceries and other items when they leave their coupons at home. Coupon binders and organizers are a good way to keep track of coupons.

Coupon websites are also helpful for shoppers who want to save money on everyday items. Many sites require users to register on the site or subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates and special deals. A quick Internet search can also help them find the coupon they are seeking for the item they want to purchase.

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You can save tons of money shopping online. Not to mention it’s so easy and convenient to do. Probably one of the best deals you can grab online is a wedding dress. Sounds crazy right? Trusting what you see online with the most important dress of your life, and praying for the best. It doesn’t have to be a scary as it sounds. You just have to be patient and easy going and everything will be perfect.
Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 7.41.22 PM

Dress First has such a beautiful selection of wedding dresses. No matter your style they have a dress for you. I was in complete awe looking at their beautiful collection. Destination weddings, ball gown style, or mermaid they have it. Even if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for they can help. On the left hand side of their site they have their categories organized and super easy to follow. If you find a dress you love but want to continue look, just hover over the dress and a little heart will appear. Click it and save it to your favorites. Super easy!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 7.45.53 PM
Looking for amazing dresses for your bridal party? Dress First has those too! Hundreds of styles and tons of colors to choose from. I am sure you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.  Make sure you always set a budget and stick to it. When using that should be no problem. You can set a price range and they only show you dresses you can afford.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.07.11 PM

Already have the perfect dress, but need everything else? Guess what! has that also. Wedding favors, personalized cake toppers, flower baskets…. the list is endless. They even have a $5 section. Score!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.30.25 PM
If there is no wedding in your future Dress First offers beautiful gowns and dresses for special occasions. I would LOVE to have the blue dress pictured above. Now I just need to find somewhere to go… In the mean time I will continue to drool over the wonderful gowns Dress First has to offer. Plus I forgot to mention all dresses are made to order. Get your dresses made exactly the way you want. Check out the site and let us know which dress is your favorite. Happy shopping!

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Personalized Children’s Books Encourage Learning

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Fostering a love of reading in your child is essential to his lifelong success. Children who are readers earn higher grades throughout their academic career and are more likely to attend and graduate from college. Providing your child with an extensive library of reading materials is crucial to developing his love of reading. Gift the gift of literacy with a personalized book that puts your child right into the story.

Personalized children’s books make great gifts. With these books, your children will delight at the idea of being included in the story. Whether they are the main character or the supporting cast, your children will enjoy reading their books again and again. Surprise your child or give these books as gifts to friends and loved ones. Your little one will never tire of reading the story in which he is the star. Because your child will want to read his book over and over, he will master the fundamentals of reading like a pro.

Personalized books are not only great for fantasy and pretend, they can be used to teach your child valuable life lessons. These personalized books can prepare your child to welcome a new baby brother or sister or to start his first day of school. Craft a book about his favorite toys or one to encourage sharing. When you personalize your child’s book, you can send the message that best fits his life.

Personalized books for children make great gifts and encourage a love of learning. Order your best books today.

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The Basics of Taking a Carbine Course

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Today’s world can be extremely dangerous, even if you live in the safest of neighborhoods. With the crime rate continually increasing, it is very likely that you will be the victim of some sort of crime during your life. This can be an extremely scary experience that can cause a great deal of trauma, especially if you are not properly prepared to defend yourself and your family. While many people may oppose firearms, knowing how to properly use a gun can help you to not only protect yourself, but it can also help you to protect those that you love. Guns are not toys and they need to be properly handled in any situation. Thus, in order to learn the basics of operating a gun, you might want to consider taking a carbine course. Here is a quick look at some of the basics of taking one of these courses.

Finding the Right Course

When you are looking for a gun course, you might be confused by the large number of different courses that you can take. You will find courses that cover topics ranging from gun safety to actual tactical maneuvers. Thus, before you begin looking for a course, determine what you need and want. Do you want to simply know how to handle a gun so that you can protect your family, or are you looking at a career in security and need professional gun and tactics training so that you can provide professional protection? Once you have answered this question, look online and ask local friends for courses that fit what you want and need.

The Benefits

There are a variety of different benefits that come from taking a carbine course. The first benefit is that you will learn everything that you need to know about guns. This will help you to respect these weapons and can increase your safety when you are around firearms. Taking a course can also teach you how to properly handle a weapon, making it so that you will be better able to protect you and your family. You will also be able to gain a great deal of confidence, which can help you with fear and anxiety problems.

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Two Important Factors for Your SEO Rankings

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Sure, there might be a few people who still refuse to touch a computer, let alone a Smartphone or tablet, but they are definitely in the minority. Because of this trend, you know the importance of having a website for customers to discover your company. But how do you make sure your customers can find your site? You can use online marketing and such strategies as search engine optimization (SEO). With SEO, you improve your website’s ranking in the organic search results of popular search engines like Google. But SEO can be time consuming, and many businesses turn to companies such as OrangeSoda for SEO ranking improvements. But how do professional online marketers improve your site’s rankings?

About Keywords

While there is a myriad of ways to improve SEO for a website, two main factors are keyword phrases and content. The keyword phrases are the words your customers place in the search bar to find information on your company, industry, product, and of course, to find your website. To successfully attract more customers to your website, you need to focus on keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, and common for your customers to use. These are the type of keyword phrases that you want your rankings to be higher on to move your website higher up on the results list.

Fresh Content

The biggest item that search engines look for when determining a website’s ranking is the content. Content has to be fresh and regularly updated, but should remain relevant to the company’s services, product, or industry. While occasionally updating the basic site information can help, one of the best ways to include regularly updated content on your site is through a blog. Blogs will provide a place for you to give information to your customers on upcoming events, company achievements, and tips on the industry or products you offer.  Blogs also give another route for potential customers to find you, and the regularly updated content provides a reason for them to keep coming back. Researching keyword phrases and keeping a regularly updated blog can be time consuming for you and your employees, which is why many companies choose the services of professional online marketing companies such as OrangeSoda for SEO ranking strategies.

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Disney’s Planes Videos

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planes disneyCheck out this video from Disney’s Planes. I can’t wait for this movie to come out!  I’m not sure who is more excited, my family or me!
El Chupacabra – Short on Disney Video
Exclusive Disney’s Planes Videos Land Weekly on for “Takeoff Tuesdays” Series is celebrating “Takeoff Tuesdays” featuring exclusive digital shorts inspired by Disney’s upcoming animated film, Planes. Before Disney’s Planes soars into theaters in 3D on August 9, head to for weekly racer profiles featuring the stars of the film including Dusty, El Chupacabra and more. In the first video, get to know the charming caped Casanova himself, El Chupacabra. As a racing legend in Mexico, El Chu is known for his passion for racing and his dramatic flair. Visit every Tuesday for more video profiles featuring all-new characters.

“Disney’s Planes” is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar. “Disney’s Planes” takes off in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013. For more information, check out, like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter:

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Ryobi 40V Mower #Giveaway July 10th to July 31st

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I have teamed up with Saving4Five to bring you this amazing giveaway!

Summer is here and that means you gotta keep the lawn nice! With the Ryobi 40V mower is it easy to keep the grass looking fantastic. Comes with two batteries and a charger. Use the grass bag to collect the trimmings or take the bag off to mulch it. Super quiet and super powerful!

ARV: $399!!

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Kranich’s Jewelers- Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and More! Something For Everyone!

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I love jewelry as most women do.  It is so much fun to browse website and dream about my next purchase.  I remember when I was dating my husband and we were starting to look at engagement rings.  What an exciting time!  I wish I had known about Kranich’s Jewelers.  They have some beautiful pieces that really make me drool!  Kranich’s Jewelers was established in York, Pennsylvania, in 1903.  The company was originally called Kranich Brothers Jewelers.  Kranich’s Jewelers has 4 locations in Pennsylvania but you can also find their gorgeous jewelry on their website, too.
gabriel rings collageKranich’s Jewelers features amazing designs such as this gorgeous selection of Gabriel & Co rings.  Take a look at their breathtaking designs.  There is something for every woman’s taste and stage of life.  Someday I would love to get one of their 3 stone rings.  We already celebrated our 10th anniversary so maybe for our 15th or 20th.  Time to start dropping hints to hubby!  LOL
art carved ring collageDid you know that Art Carved makes diamond engagement rings and wedding bands?  Yes, the same Art Carved that probably made your class ring in high school or college made the rings in the photo above.  Visit the Kranich’s website to see more of their beautiful Art Carved selection.  Don’t worry, these rings don’t look anything like a class ring.  Each one is truly a work of art made by a company that many of us have known and loved for years.

topaz braceletKranich’s Jewelers don’t just have bridal jewelry.  They have lots of other spectacular pieces of jewelry and watches as well.  Make sure to check out their selection of infinity jewelry, charms, mother’s jewelry, men’s jewelry, birthstones, earrings, sports jewelry, pearls, and lots more.   I had a hard time deciding what piece to get but I ended up picking this beautiful blue topaz and diamond bracelet because both of my daughters have blue topaz as their birthstone.  Pretty, isn’t it?

You can also follow Kranich’s on facebook
Kranich’s on Twitter

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post written by me.  I received a piece of jewelry from the sponsor in exchange for writing my post but all opinions are 100% my own.
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Do You Need a Boost? Advocare Spark Can Help

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Do you feel like this most days?  Looking for something to clear the cobwebs out of your head and give you energy WITHOUT jitters?
This is me most days….
I have Fibromyalgia so my energy and focus levels are always really low.  Ok, who am I kidding, I don’t iron, I re-spin the clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out but that is irrelevant to this post.  LOL
So back to my lack of energy and focus.  My doctor has me on several prescription medications to help with energy and focus.  I don’t like having to take so many prescriptions but without them I feel like I am in a total fog all the time.   I can hardly function some days without them which is hard because I am the mommy to 2 active little girls who need me.
“It was love at first Spark!” –Moms everywhere

I was recently introduced to Advocare Spark.   Advocare Spark is a sugar-free, long lasting energy drink that not only provides fast acting energy, but also helps with mental focus and clarity.  What I like best about Advocare Spark is that unlike other energy drinks, coffee, etc., it is food for your brain.  It has 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to provide a healthy, balanced source of energy and only has 45 calories.  It’s synergistic ingredients give a quick boost without the mid-afternoon crash.

Advocare Spark is perfect for tired moms!  You know who you are!  I’m talking to you!
Is this you?
Someone who has trouble waking up or feels “energy slumps” throughout the day
Someone who can’t work up enough energy to live life the way you want
Someone who is looking for a more nutritious alternative to coffee, soda or other energy drinks

I have been able to cut back on my prescription medication now that I started drinking Advocare Spark.  As soon as I wake up in the morning, I mix 1 packet of Advocare Spark with 8 ounces of water in my shaker bottle, shake well, and pour over ice.  I make sure it is well mixed so the powder fully dissolves and I like it nice and cold.  I drink it first thing in the morning and then I usually have a second glass mid-afternoon when I am starting to feel that mid-afternoon slump.  Within minutes I am perked back up.  I can focus again and I have the energy to get through my day.
P1160302I tried the Mango Strawberry and Pink Lemonade and enjoyed both.  Advocare Spark is also available in Watermelon, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry.  It can be purchased in a box of 14 individual pouches or in a canister that has 42 servings.  If you are looking for something to help get you through the day, that costs less than a fancy cup of coffee at your local coffee shop, and also contains good for you vitamins and minerals, try Advocare Spark and let me know how it works for you.
advocare spark pouch

AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink mix is a unique multi-nutrient system that’s designed to provide nutritionally advanced, long-lasting energy and enhanced mental focus.* Its 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients work synergistically to give you healthy, balanced energy without making you jittery like other caffeinated beverages.

Spark’s unique combination of ingredients gives you fast-acting energy and B-vitamins enhance your body’s natural energy-sustaining processes.

For mental focus and clarity, the neuroactive amino acids in Spark help sharpen your mental focus and alertness by supporting your brain’s ability to efficiently transmit messages within the nervous system.* With seven refreshing flavors and only 45 calories per serving, Spark gives you a lift that lasts for hours.

B-vitamin complex (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and pantothenic acid), taurine, L-tyrosine, choline, caffeine, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)

Disclosure- I received a box of Advocare Spark to facilitate my review but all opinions are 100% my own!

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Understanding Basic Facts about Home Health Care

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When you’re making decisions about how to take care of your aging parents, it’s important to have some basic knowledge about the different options out there. There’s a whole spectrum of care available for your parents that vary in scope and intensity according to their needs. You can hire home services to check in on your parents once in a while or regularly in order to run errands, cook, or provide assistance with daily activities; you can find a place for your parents in assisted living programs, which offer facilities that provide minimal assistance in a safe and welcoming community; or you can place your parents in a nursing home, which provides around-the-clock coverage from nurses and medically-trained staff. Some companies offer more information about these different kinds of services, like The following information will give you a more basic understanding of home health care.

What Exactly Is Home Health Care?

Home health care, as described above, is a form of assistance that is offered in the comfort and privacy of your parents’ own home. You can choose to have medical or non-medical home health care, depending on your parents’ needs. For example, your parents may need assistance taking their medication, insulin shots, or any other form of treatment; this requires medical home health care. Often, this is covered by Medicare or insurance. Non-medical home health care is almost always paid privately by the caregiver or the parents’ themselves.

Should I Hire Private Health Care or Go through an Agency?

Knowing who to hire can be a complicated process. In general, working with a certified and licensed home health care agency will give you the peace of mind that they will provide the necessary background checks, drug screening, and supervision to ensure professional care. On the other hand, you can work through private individuals, registries, or agencies that you find online or through referrals and assess whether they meet your standards of care for your parents. In each situation, you would do well to understand the nature of the health care giver’s employment, whether as an employee of an agency, a personal contractor, or your own employee. For more help in understanding the options for home healthcare provided by licensed companies, visit their websites, like, for example.

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