Win Money By Playing Daily Games at CashDazzle! I just won $2.50!

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I just signed up with CashDazzle and I won $2.50 already!

You can click SKIP OFFER.

I didn’t do any offers.

Of course if you do the offers you will earn more spins.

CashDazzle gives you the chance to win every day by playing your favorite games and entering sweepstakes!

Good luck!

Click here to sign up with for FREE!!



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  1. Im new at this I pray its not a scam I need to make money seriously.

  2. tionne byrd says:

    i think this is boggus because i had 2 free spins..both were for two dollars,did a offer had 19 spins 5 was i sorrys 2 was 1dollar one 2 dollars and 15 cent win….did another offer for 17 spins never got my suppose to be able to get you’r money after you get 20 dollars ..the wheel is rigged i don’t think you’ll ever get there

  3. beware!! of cash dazzle i spent alot of time and some money to get spins most of the time the spins gave you nothing
    finally got up to 21 dollars enough to cash out and request my money
    2 weeks go by i email them and they say i dont have enough to cash out
    i emailed back and told them i had already cashed out before and am waiting for that money
    they email me back saying no u do not have enough
    i look at my account and it is right there in my history that i had 21 dollars i cashed out
    they are a scam
    dont waste your time or money like i did

  4. This site is so bogus that the owners need to be put in jail. After one day I got up to $11.50 and was so excited as I thought I would be able to get to the twenty dollars threshold in a couple more days. Well to my surprise my free spins were up so I ordered several items with the thirty days free trial and got 42 spins. And after spinning 42 times do you know I only won 35 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now you tell me how that is possible. I landed on mostly sorry or one cent. I wish I knew who the owners were so I could tell them where to go. Please don’t waste your time and effort. I was reading some other site and some woman said she won $200 in two days and was able to cash out. I really doubt that and thinks she works for this scam company and they told her to post this garbage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all.

    • This is an old post and the links have been removed a while ago to prevent others from signing up with them. I am sorry you lost money with them.

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